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14 April 2019


"We don't just make it – we dream it, live and breathe it" WHISPERED THE MAKERS quote by Sonya Rothwell founder of Gallery beautiful
"The (Magic) Maker is still enough to notice the flutter of a dream hovering about barely detectable. Acting swiftly, Knowing dexterously catches the whisp before it floats away. Holding on, but not too tight, Love feeds it an attentive elixir of soothing words administered freely – really good ideas come from dreams of those who throw them sticks and let them stray 'off lead' no matter how far they go. When the dream feels brave enough symphonious bells begin to chime prompting Vision to take flight pulling it up and up to giddy heights, soaring, swooping and swirling on Wind's warm currents. Unwavering, Focus shields the fledgling from Faultfinders, offering double-thumb-ups and quartered oranges to keep pace before passing the baton to Action, who gently coaxes the now fully formed idea down from the Heavens, landing it ever so lightly on the ground. Only then does The Maker begin to make. Dreams are drawn to inspired Action like fire flies fluttering against lit glass, all wanting to come in at once. Most lose patience and drift away, leaving only the very persistent ones to Become"


Encouraging words from founder Sonya Rothwell who knows from experience that the hardest part of creating anything is nurturing your dream whilst completely ignoring reality until that dream becomes your reality 
Believe in yourself and dream big. You can do anything 
Sonya's creations are available from gallerybeautiful.com ☆ Proceeds of sales support our charities helping deprived children live better lives ♡




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