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a flowering of consciousness



One typical British morning Art
went for her usual dewy stroll...


Lost in bird-song and fragrant thoughts of other worlds, Art wandered : When all at once she saw a crowd, a golden host of Spirit, Integrity, Innovation, Style, Craftsmanship, Eccentricity, Whimsy and High-jinx : Well, it was fun at first sight – they just adored each other : Day soon leap-frogged away from them – by sunset were firm friends and had decided to live together, but not get married because Anarchy, Art's alter-ego didn't want to : They found a house large enough for all their big ideas within a secret garden, walled and full of magic : In no time they bore a child, but only one because they believed in Quality not quantity, and named her Temple Beautiful



Temple Beautiful was founded by fine artist designer Sonya Rothwell on Valentine's Day 2014 upon her return to England with her daughter Peony after many years in Sydney, Australia : Sonya set up residence in stunning National Trust Grade II* Georgian manor house The Courts within enchanting The Courts Garden Wiltshire, opening the private drawing rooms to the public as a salon exhibiting her paintings along side contemporary works by award-winning 'alchemists' including Lisa Wright (Threadneedle Prize 2013 winner), Craig Ruddy (Archibald Prize 2004 winner), Ilona Szalay (Saatchi Investment Artist 2014) and Dorcas Casey (Banksy's 'Dismaland' 2015), Lori Park (Sotheby's Beyond Limits 2014), Frédérique Morrel (embroidered taxidermy sculptor) and reportage photographer Paul Blackmore : The salon style Gallery Beautiful received lots of attention in the press due to its refreshing break from tradition by showing notable art in a elegant home setting : Visitors sense were enlivened with candles, incense and awakening music as their experience was further deepened by remaining silent in a walking meditation of the art 
Sonya's infectious effervescence touches all around her : Her boundless energy, creativity, spontaneity, love of the arts, performance, people and ‘happenings’ has naturally evolved her enchanting home into a Centre of Spirit – the arts, meditation, healing and higher consciousness attracting conscious creative people; artists, sculptors, photographers, film makers, musicians, poets, writers, yogis, healers and mystics from near and far 



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