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A little love makes a big difference – helping
deprived children live better lives

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 Temple Beautiful helps small NGOs make a big difference to the precious lives of deprived children. Our nominated sustainable charities nurture and educate children in need, giving encouragement, love and self empowerment. As we grow, our capacity to improve lives will too ☆ 
Founder Sonya Rothwell's wanderlust regularly steers her off the beaten track allowing for sacred time out of her busy life to also journey within, igniting her desire to be the change she wishes to see in the world and empower many of the beautiful children she meets on her travels BE LOVE


SLIDESHOW : Some of the many beautiful children Sonya's met on her travels



MASAI + SAMBURRU SCHOOLS : c/o saruni.com
Saruni Lodges reside within the conservatories of Masai and Samburru regions of Kenya serving as a contact for aid to under funded schools in those areas. Their beautiful communities are grateful for any contributions such as computers, school books, pens, paints, footballs etc that will improve their children's education and learning experience, as well as their playtime ! ☆

Sonya and her daughter Peony had the great privilege of spending some time with the beautiful Masai and Samburu tribes of Kenya, Africa who graciously posed for photographs wearing Temple Beautiful's Non Profit charity t-shirts. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us – your lands, wildlife, culture & community, our hearts are full  By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping to provide much needed school supplies to children beautiful ☆

MAITI NEPAL : maitinepal.org
120,000 young Nepali girls (aged 7 – 20 years) are trafficked each year for sex slavery. Maiti Nepal was born out of a crusade to protect Nepali girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labor and various forms of exploitation and torture. Once liberated they are rehabilitated, shelter and educated with income generating skills until they are ready to stand alone ☆

Sonya learnt of this charity from Vanya, an inspiring young Indian girl whom she met trekking the same Himālayan trail with her family. Being a fellow artist Vanya admired Sonya's scarves and modelled one for her. As she posed Vanya spoke of personally raising £4,000 for Maiti Nepal founded by her teacher Anuradha Koirala, who frees Nepali girls from Indian brothels for a mere $20 each. Ho can a child's life is worth so little ? By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping release stolen children from bondage to be reunited with their families ☆

THE NESTLING TRUSTnestlingtrust.co.uk 
Provide destitute Nepalese children in the village of Sarangkot with a secure and loving home. They are given the opportunity to regain their childhood, receive health care and an education necessary for attaining jobs in the future ☆

Sonya's daughter Peony was introduced to The Nestling Trust by her classmate whose architect grandfather who built this orphanage in the village of Sarangkot where he once lived. By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping to provide a loving home and a brighter future for Nepalese street children☆

NINOS DEL SOLninosdelsol.org
A loving home for orphaned children in the Sacred Valley of Peru. A magical place nourishing the mind, body and spirit of their children and instilling in them a sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Against all odds their children are excelling, attending college and dreaming big 

A friend sent Sonya a video about Mama Kia, an inspiring American woman who founded Niños del Sol, so she visited them whilst exploring the Sacred Valley, Peru with her daughter Peony. Alone in the world, orphaned or abandoned their children are raised with love, as a family. By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping to provide a loving home and a brighter future for Peruvian street children ☆

MOTHERS FIRST : mothersfirst.net
Established in 2004 as the Varanasi Children’s Hospital providing free treatment to 160 impoverished children treated every year for minor illnesses such as diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery can be critical if untreated. There’s no free public health system in the Varanasi region so children without care will not survive. Now focusing on providing nutrition to malnourished pregnant mothers and their children, thus breaking the cycle of malnutrition in communities. Mothers First advocates to influence global maternal nutrition with stainable development goals 

Sonya learnt of this charity during a sunrise stroll along Varanasi's Ghats, India as she watched some children playing cricket. By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping to provide vital nourishment to Indian mothers, babies and children ☆

Provide free treatment to 150,000 impoverished children treated every year. Their travel costs are reimburse and their families are fed, sheltered and taught how to prepare nutritious meals during their stay ☆

On her way to Angkor Watt, Cambodia Sonya noticed a long queue of people snaking down the dusty road. She asked her driver what they were doing. He explained that they were waiting for the children's hospital to open and that many families walk long distances to get there and had been there all night waiting in line. By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping to provide urgent health care to impoverished Cambodian children ☆

SMALL STEPS : smallsteps.org
Provide emergency aid, shoes and food to children and communities living on municipal rubbish dumps around the world. They then provide support for children to take steps into education and adults into employment ☆

Sonya's friend and muse Jenny Auerbach is a Small Steps ambassador who's traveled to many dumps around the world to help bathe and feed the desperate children living there. By choosing Gallery Beautiful, you're helping to feed, bathe and educate impoverished children worldwide☆


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