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Be still. Go within and experience
a magical way of being ☆

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A home from home, Temple Beautiful retreat offers a luxurious, tranquil space to be still, reconnect with self in expansive nature, explore, contemplate and conjure
Situated within founder Sonya Rothwell's country home – a stunning Georgian manor house in South West England, surrounded by enchanting National Trust The Courts Garden : The artist designer says; “it's a beautiful house large enough for all our big ideas within a secret garden, walled and full of magic” : Sonya's alchemical interiors reflect the colour and beauty of the gardens which are a huge inspiration to her 
The rooms, designed to elevate the senses, are elegantly decorated in Sonya's signature celestial style – dilettantish antiquity muddled with space-age glamour, tropical plants and kaleidoscopic colour, creating the perfect balance of luxury, tranquility, spirit, nature + play : Visiting her joyful retreat is an unforgettable restorative experience 
Sonya's infectious effervescence, creativity, love of the arts, performance, people and ‘happenings’ naturally evolved her home into our first Temple Beautiful retreat centre of spirit – the arts, meditation, wellbeing and higher consciousnessattracting conscious creators, artists, sculptors, photographers, film makers, musicians, poets, writers, yogis, healers + mystics from near and far 
 Love yourself, life + others : Be Love 


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