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Centre of Spirit – the arts, meditation
healing and higher consciousness

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Temple Beautiful began in ancient Egypt as a great Centre of Spirit – the arts, meditation, wellbeing and higher consciousness. Housed within a huge pyramid, it's inner walls and ceilings were adorned with constellations in opalescent hues ☆
There people elevated their consciousness by raising their creative energy – their emotions – through the senses – art, music, dance, singing, chanting, exquisite decor, fragrant incense and meditation. It was the raising of their energy that changed their awareness, not the painting, song or dance itself. Great teachers were called to correlate their understandings for the creation of a harmonious world. Emissaries were sent to distant lands to spread their ideas and establish more temples. The temples didn't follow a religion – they simply provided a place for individuals to raise their own energy, nurture their own connection and in turn help their fellow man 
Temple Beautiful is the sacred place within all of us. You are the temple. You are beautiful. Go within, into your temple. There you'll find all of your answers. Experience a flowering of consciousness, open your heart and know true beauty. As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. Open your own heart. Water your own seeds. Find your own cause. Aspire to inspire ☆
"First tend to your own garden. As your fragrant blooms open, winds will carry your lovely seeds to the world" 




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